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3 Tips to Supercharge Your Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising is the lifeblood of every non-profit organization. Without it, schools, churches, and other charities find it impossible to carry out their missions. Without the funding to turn their vision into reality, these groups can’t provide the vital services they offer to society.
Yet, many worthwhile organizations find that they have trouble fundraising, and seem to plateau whenever they try to new methods. They get stuck in the same routine of grant submissions that aren’t targeted well enough, networking lunches that don’t go anywhere, and events that take too much time for too little return. It’s time for groups like this to supercharge their fundraising efforts. Here’s how:
1. Use Small Hosted Events
Most organizations have tons of mid-level supporters who would love to host a small fundraising event on behalf of the charity. Yet, most charities don’t encourage these events, thinking that they are too much work. Instead, these groups focus on large, marquee fundraising events, run by the organization, that really are too much work.
Keep holding those big events, but make it easy for your organization to support all of the smaller-level supporters who are willing to hold events. Create an “event in a box” that contains all of the information someone would need to hold an event on your behalf, and then encourage your board members and supporters to do so. Make it clear that they are responsible for hosting the event and finding attendees and that you appreciate their efforts. Having 25 events a year that each raise $2,500 really adds up!
2. Communicate with Donors and Prospects!
Many organizations make the mistake of asking for money from a prospect, then never communicating again (at least not until the next ask). Fundraising is all about relationships. Instead of making ask after ask, build a real relationship between the donor/prospect and your organization. Send newsletters that update, but don’t ask. Hold networking events. Send e-updates. Call to say thank you. The more of a relationship you build with each donor, the more money you will raise.
3. Focus on Your Board
Many small non-profits have board filled with friends of the founder, or with ex-officio members from similar agencies who add expertise, but not dollars, to the organization. Remember this: the number one foundation for your fundraising efforts is your board of directors. Their contact network should form the basis of much of your groups’ early fundraising efforts.
Because of this, it is important that every organization, once established, starts to add new board members who can raise money for the group. Find people who have great networks and are committed to the cause. Keep those early loyal supporters, but add folks who can go out and raise money from their own rolodexes for your organization.
This article by Joe Garecht, the founder of The Fundraising Authority. For more great articles and information from Joe, visit http://thefundraisingauthority.com

by by Joe Garecht - 1/27/10

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Source: http://thefundraisingauthority.com