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Elementary School Fundraising: Quick and Easy Ideas

Elementary schools need help with fundraising for trips, supplies and all the other necessities of keeping children educated. If your school is stuck for ideas this year, try these tried-and-true ideas along with a fresh twist on an old favorite. With a little planning and a lot of school spirit, you can help raise the funds that your school needs to make the school year great.
Holiday Grams This festive fundraiser is a great way to give the community and the school something it really needs. They can be done before each major holiday, such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day. The grams can be distributed within the school or all around the community. They should be sold for no more than 50 cents, since students will primarily be buying them.

To keep costs low, use construction paper purchased tax free through the school district. Use a die-cutting machine to make festive shapes, like trees for Christmas or pumpkins for Halloween. Attach a piece of candy and then use a black marker to write the message on one side and the "to" and "from" information on the other.

Before the sale, students will distribute order forms and then collect money and the forms. Parent volunteers can spend an afternoon addressing them and then they can be distributed to students in class or throughout the community on a specific day.

Bake Sale and Cake Walk A bake sale and a cake walk play on everybody's love of sweet treats. Bake sales require participation from a large number of families at the school. Send home a signup sheet with each child so that parents can commit to baking items for the sale. Give information on the sale so that parents who don't bake can attend and purchase items. To be sure you'll have enough food to sell, organize with several other involved parents to make sure that you'll have enough food to sell.

The week of the sale send out another set of flyers to remind parents of the event. Post flyers around town at grocery stores and other public locations to drum up interest outside of the school. The day of the sale, make sure everyone has enough space to display their wares, including money jars that will be collected by members of the school staff at the end of the sale.

EcoFriendly Fundraising The sight of elementary school students walking around with brochures is nothing new. But there are new types of products that your school could use raise funds. Because eco-friendly products are so popular these days, there are many fundraising companies that have risen to the occasion. They can provide your elementary school with attractive products that can be sold to parents, grandparents and other people in the community.

From gifts to reusable bags, to home and office products, there are several different companies that can provide eco-friendly goods for elementary school children to sell. You can use the natural influence of these products to tie into Earth Day celebrations and other "green" teaching plans.

Jamie Jefferson writes for http://www.momscape.com and http://www.susies-coupons.com, where you'll find more fundraising ideas as well as printable grocery coupons.

by Jamie Jefferson - March 28, 2009

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